Lucky Pot of Gold Box (Ships 3/10/16)

Lucky Pot of Gold Box (Ships 3/10/16)

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We are excited to launch our BAABS Beauty Boxes!!!!

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Check out the "Lucky Pot of Gold"Box

We have had several requests for a beauty box that caters to WOC (Women of Color). While we loved this idea, we cannot leave out any of our BAABS Beauties, so we have worked hard to select cosmetic products that are as diverse as our BAABS Beauties!! The March BAABS Beauty Box spotlights the Lucky Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. The products being featured are designed to add to your existing beauty routine or get you started on your personal beauty journey by providing several quality products for you to sample. 

This Box Ships 3/10/16*

Here's what you can look forward to with each BAABS Beauty Box:

  • 5-10 exceptional items for makeup application, skin and/or body
  • Several full sized products as well as deluxe samples
  • Limited edition products
  • Products launching  from new collections
  • Practical and fun products for flawless makeup looks and application
  • Products made for even the most sensitive of skin
  • Discount code to purchase related products and/or full sized product when applicable



NOTE to BAABS Beauty:  The BAABS Beauty Box is not a subscription box and is not guaranteed each month. BAABS Beauties will have to purchase a box every month they would like a box delivery. The boxes range from $15-$45 each, depending on the box contents for that month. The value of the box will always exceed your cost. Coupon codes are not applicable to the BAABS Beauty Box and all orders using coupon codes for beauty box purchase will be canceled and asked to submit an order without the code applied.


Disclaimer: ANY ITEMS PURCHASED WITH THE BAABS BEAUTY BOX WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL THE BOX'S Ship Date! BAABS Beauty Boxes are automatically filtered and we will not fulfill Beauty Box orders until the date the boxes are scheduled to ship. You can purchase multiple boxes on one order, however, if you would like to purchase any product from our regular inventory; you should make a separate order from your BAABS Beauty Box so there will be no delay in your receipt of products.