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How are you showing up to the Virtual Thanksgiving?

Holiday season is here! Even though it may look different for most of us.....There is still a decision to be made: What type of look will you be serving for Thanksgiving??
Well, you are probably wondering what’s the point with holiday makeup this year? After all many of us will not be able to spend this special time with some of our favorite people.  In the past, the holiday season meant tons of activities and festivities so lots of opportunities to show off that new look you’ve been practicing. But we aren't able to this year.....or so you may have thought. I feel like this is the perfect time to do SOMETHING! If you would normally only do a lipgloss, this is the year to add mascara and even blush! If you would typically be sitting at the table with a full natural face of makeup....this is the year to really "flex" what you've been practicing during lockdowns and isolations and show up Thanksgiving Glam! I always say when we look our best, we feel our best, and that feeling rubs off on those around us.  Bring some joy and excitement by showing up for the family zoom just like you were face to face. 
If the thought of going glam during the holidays makes you a little anxious, here are a couple rules of thumb to follow (or not follow— if you want to beat your face every day from now til January 6th , we are completely here for that! Just make sure to give your skin some TLC as well) as it relates to doing makeup for the major holiday events!
Thanksgiving = Naturally Pretty
Let’s be real, thanksgiving is about food and family. That means you shouldn’t worry too much about going OD on your makeup look because:
  1. You’ll probably mess it all up during your after thanksgiving meal food coma
  2. You shouldn’t let anything take away from spending time with your loved ones!
Instead, for thanksgiving and other similar family-focused holiday events, keep your makeup simple and pretty with BB Cream as a Base with a nude lip and a soft glow on the cheeks! Save that shimmery highlight for another day!
Christmas/ Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/ Whatever you celebrate! = Baby Glam
When holiday season is in full swing, it’s okay to be a bit more glam! After all, what goes better with an ugly Christmas sweater than a pretty little face beat? Don’t try to compete with the Christmas tree or anything, but there is no reason not to let your light shine at the office holiday party! If you ask us, a soft glam face is a sure way to spread Christmas cheer.
New Year’s Eve = Go Glam or Go Home!
It’s time to ring in the New Year, which means it’s time for all the shimmer and sparkles! After all, what’s NYE without lots of sequins and sparkles? Don’t hold back with your makeup for NYE! 2021 needs to know that you have arrived!
Enfiniti (R) "And Beyond" Lashes, Im Sprung Shadow Palette, Im Sprung Gloss " Sunset" 
We hope that your year will be even brighter that your makeup!
Drop a comment below and tell us what your holiday plans are !! 
xoxo Necia B. 

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