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What to Look for When Choosing a Brow Artist

 I like to say that brows are literally the SOUL of your face.  If something goes wrong with your eyebrows....its potentially two, three, four, or six weeks until it can be fixed.  In some cases, brow damage can take years or never be corrected without cosmetic procedures such as microblading or tattooing.  

I can't even count how many clients have come in super nervous about getting their brows waxed because of a bad prior experience.  Here are some of my tips to keep this from being you : 

Before Booking

1. Ask around: Ask your friends, co-workers, or even the lady in the grocery line where they go to get their brows done.  Do this a few times to see if the same person or place is mentioned more than once. This shows that the provider is consistent.  But ONLY do this if you like the person's brows. 

2. Check Reviews: Look for Facebook or Google reviews over Yelp as Yelp scores can be in accurate.  Also Look at if the business has responded to reviews, especially the negative ones. 

3. Ask Questions: Call and ask questions such as if the service provider double dips wax sticks or what kind of wax is used. It's preferred that a hard wax or a wax for sensitive skin is used.  Steer clear of waxers that are using a honey or amber like wax as those are too harsh for the face. You can also ask if the service provider will discuss brow shape with you or does brow mapping to ensure a correct brow shape is achieved.  

Once You Arrive

1.Look at the service provider's brows:  More than likely, they will arch your brows similarly.  If you like their brows be sure to let them know.  If not, ask the service provider if you can show them in the mirror or even show photos of yourself with the brow shape you prefer.  

2. Make Note of the Space and Your Service Space: Take a look around, is there running water near for the tech to wash their hands? Is the chair or table clean and untattered? Look at their wax pot.  (This would be for any wax service.) Is the pot covered in old wax or look unkempt? This can be a breeding ground for bacteria. An overall clean lobby, restroom, service room, clean wax pot, and counter are all signs of a professional who maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and will surely make every effort to make sure you are well taken care of. 

After Your Service: 

1.Make note of what you liked and didn't like about your experience. This includes the booking process, service environment, service, and check out process.   Figure out what, if anything would be a non-negotiable and decide on whether or not you would like to rebook.   


Extra Tips: 

Type of Establishment- Solo Artist/Salon/Spa/In HomeWhere you decide to go will be a matter of preference.  There are skilled service providers that work out of licensed salon suites or inside salons and spas.  If you are booking with someone that works out of their home, be sure to ask if they have an esthetics, cosmetology, or barbers license vs a "brow or waxing certificate".  Certificate "courses" typically do not cover all areas needed for proper waxing education. However, a licensed professional with a "certificate" is okay as they have received the initial load of education and the certificate provides additional training.   Looking into someone who specializes in brows verses someone who is only doing brows as an "add on service" gives you a better chance of booking with someone who is well versed in brows and brow shaping of all types. 

Prices- While price may not be a deciding factor, let's be honest; most will pay whatever the price is for great service, but may also be looking for the best pricing for their budget. When looking at a service provider in most cases their pricing will align with the quality of service.   What does that mean though? If the service price is extremely low compared to other offerings in the area, it could mean: the provider is new and still practicing, there may not be quality products being used, or sanitation may not be up to standards. On the contrary, if prices are a bit higher than other offerings in the area, it could mean: the service provider is skilled at what they do, they have limited appointment availability, they use quality or luxury products, and have top sanitation standards.

Ask Your Current Waxer- If you are moving and will no longer be able to go to your favorite brow tech, ask them for recommendations in your new area.  Its possible that they can refer you to someone in the industry that they know or feel comfortable with their work.   

Ultimately, choosing the best brow tech is going to be up to your gut intuition- when you know, you know. The last step is to follow your instincts.  If the Esthetician or service provider is confident and doesn’t make you feel pressured or rushed; they are more than likely a good fit. If something seems off and you don't know what it is, simply look and book elsewhere.

 I hope these tips have been helpful! Let us know below if you have any other questions when it comes to choosing a brow artist! 

Remember...Your brows are sisters, not twins! 



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