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Makeup Madness Challenge!

March has arrived and with it brings our Makeup Madness Challenge! Eight makeup categories are competing for the 2023 Community Champion title, which will be decided by you. Have fun!

Voting is open: please comment below and tell us which category you love!


Each new round of voting starts at 8am and ends at 12 midnight the day prior to the next round opening. Let the games begin!

ROUND 1 (3/13 – 3/15): Liquid Matte vs. Lipgloss

ROUND 2 (3/16 – 3/19): Mascara vs Mink Lashes

ROUND 3 (3/20 – 3/22): BB Cream vs. HD Foundation

ROUND 4 (3/23 – 3/26):  Blush vs. Highlighter

ROUND 5 (3/27 – 3/29): Liquid Matte vs. Mascara

ROUND 6 (3/30 – 4/2):

FINAL ROUND (4/3 – 4/5): 


Again, comment down below and vote for your favorite product each round then check back for the results and the next round of voting!

Don’t forget to let us know which BAABS product each round you are voting for (ex. Liquid Matte vs. Lipgloss: Glaze Lipgloss ). 

Each vote enters you into a drawing for a $100 BAABS Virtual Gift Card! 

Happy Voting!


  • Mascara

    Misty Johnson
  • Liquid Matte

    Arlette Whitaker
  • Liquid Matte

    De'Nita Moss
  • Blush

  • Blush


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