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Top 5 Tips to Quick Virtual Makeup Looks

Whether its a virtual party, work zoom, or a facetime call with bae; here are my top tips to a quick Virtual Makeup Look.
1. DO NOT Try Something New: Hopping onto a  video call or heading out the door is not the time to try that new technique or color you've never worn before. Although we have faith in you....there is always a chance you will not execute the technique as well as you wanted or the color you thought you loved....you dont.  I always suggest taking any moment of down time to practice those new techniques you are dying to try as well as new colors.  Trying something new on a time crunch will more than likely be a setback.  Instead, catch your self in the mirror, take selfies and evaluate the technique or color. That way when you need to do a quick face, you already know what to do and what shade to reach for.  
2. Crisp Clean Brows: Any makeup look can immediately be polished by having clean "crisp" brows. Of course keeping them freshly arched is a preference. But if that is not an option, be sure to use your preferred brow product ( pencil, powder, gel) and concealer to clean underneath to create a clean brow-line. 
3. Quick Complexion: Complexion (foundation) never has to be a difficult process. A quick foundation routine for live video can range from concealer and foundation powder, to BB Cream and Foundation Powder, or just powder alone. Once you've gotten you foundation of choice on, add warmth back into your face with either a blush, highlight shade, or both. 
4.Choose an Eye Look and Stick to It: Whether you choose to go bold or keep it simple. Make sure you have a plan prior to starting your makeup.  Often when we don't go in with a general idea of the look we want, we end up either going overboard or wasting time picking out shades and fixing mistakes. While some looks definitely evolve while doing your makeup, having go to look makes doing quick makeup a breeze. For more neutral looks, we suggest one color eyeshadow on the full lid in shades of rust, dark brown, or even gold/bronze.  For more glam looks, add a bit of sparkle with frosty shades and a crease color.  
5. Pop of Lashes: You can choose to fluff up your lashes with simple mascara or opt to add an artificial lash. Make lash application a breeze by using our  Clear or Black Lash Quick Lash Adhesive Pen.  Be sure to match the lash to the event going for a more natural lash (Glam 1) for more professional settings or a something more bold (Glam 4) for dates or parties. 
*** Bonus: Lips and Lights:
Lips: Choose a lip that stands out. Standing out doesn't mean it has to be a bright shade or something you don't normally wear. Standing out could be a pop of color or a nice glossy lip.
Lighting: Make sure you have enough lighting while doing your makeup and during your virtual event.  Of course you want to make sure you have enough lighting while doing your makeup to ensure everything is blended and foundations match.  It is also important to make sure you have adequate lighting during your virtual event, whether it be natural lighting or ring-light/lamp. It is vital that others are able to see you clearly. Don't be afraid to have awesome lighting, most at home streaming devices (phones, computers, laptops) allow for a little "grace" and being well lit will help.  
Let us know how you are showing up this year to any of your Virtual Events!! 


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