Why Cleaning Your Cell Phone Can Help With Acne Breakouts Posted on 01 Feb 21:52

 Are you having some unexplained breakouts on your face (typically the cheek area)? It's possible that your cell phone has cooties!! Cell phones carry more bacteria than a toilet and if you are not keeping yours clean, those germs can make you sick and wreak havoc on your beautiful face!

Let’s get into some data:
- Cell Phones can have 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom (Fox News)
- Each square inch of your phone can contain 25,000 germs
-94.5% of phones tested in a study of 200 phones, were found to have multiple strands of bacteria that were resistant to multiple antibiotics.
- Phones can carry E.Coli, Influenza, and MRSA (just to name a few)
For more information click HERE http://info.debgroup.com/blog/bid/290652/your-mobile-phone-is-dirtier-than-you-think

How does this happen you ask?
- Things our hands touch: Shakings Hands, Dirty Surfaces, Work Environment, Where We Put Our Phone, Touching Money, Using Phone in Restroom, Children (love them but they carry super bugs)
- Bacteria Breed in Warmth: Our cell phones are warm and often kept in warm/dark places
What can you do?
- Practice good hand hygiene
- Clean Cell Phone Case at least once a week, if not daily
Clean your cell Phone and Case by:
a. Wiping down phone with alcohol wipes
b. Wiping down with microfiber cloth and alcohol or hand sanitizer
c. Try the Phone Soap device to sanitize and charge phone HERE


**Don't use Windex or any other glass cleaner with ammonia. The harsh chemicals will damage an LCD display over time. Don't use a paper towel - not even a wet one -- because the rough fibers can scratch the display surface. Use a microfiber cloth like the one that came with your glasses. Don't spray anything directly onto a cell phone. Lightly dampen a microfiber cloth and wipe. **
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