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Winter Skincare: 5 Tips to Keep You Glowing all Winter Long


Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the cold. Some of us love the snow and everything that comes with it while others prefer to bundle up indoors until the temperatures reach a more reasonable number. However, no matter your personal feelings about winter, your skin and the cold, dry weather definitely do not mix. Keep reading for tips on how you can keep your skin soft, smooth and supple, even when the temperatures start to drop!

  1. Don’t Forget the SPF Just because summer is over does not mean you should skip the sunscreen. Women of color especially, often feel like using sunblock is an unnecessary extra step to their skincare regimen but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Winter sun is just as damaging as summer sun with those harmful UV rays penetrating your already dry winter skin, so be responsible and make sure you protect your skin from all the elements with a sunscreen that contains either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Bonus Tip: Use sunglasses as well! Those harsh rays can cause dark circles during winter time.  Heres one of our favorites: 
black girl sunscreen
2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Of course hydration is key no matter the season, but it is especially important in the cold winter months because the air is so dry. The dry air means that water evaporates really fast, leaving your skin thirstier than ever before. Hydration starts from the inside out so that means drink water, water and more water. Even if you don’t feel as thirsty as you usually do, keep sipping— your skin and your body will thank you.
3. Bundle Up This probably goes without saying but guess what? We’re saying it anyway— BUNDLE UP! OF course keeping warm during the winter is a big priority (we hope), but it is also really important for your skin. Wearing scarves and gloves and hats (and of course, sunscreen!) are really important when it comes to protecting your skin from the freezing temperatures and harsh snow and rain. In this case, protection is better than cure!               
    Image from: https://thefashiontag.com/

    4. Use Lukewarm Water Now, we all know there is nothing better than a steaming hot shower, right after spending the day battling the freezing element. And while we aren’t saying ditch the hot shower completely, wherever possible try to use lukewarm water instead. Hot showers can actually really dry out your skin, resulting in winter eczema and cracked skin, especially if you don’t moisturize right after. Don’t let your love of piping hot showers mess with your smooth skin goals!


    5. Moisturizers are your BFFs

      And speaking of moisturizing… During the winter it is really important to invest in a high quality moisturizer. Now, high quality does not mean expensive! It means one that works well and doesn’t contain petroleum-based ingredients which can actually dry out your skin further, so make sure you are picky about what you put on your skin. Also, try to moisturize right after your shower before the cold air gets the chance to attack your freshly washed skin! Check out these dope skincare brands: 



      Heres to happy, healthy winter skin!! 

      Necia B. 


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