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Lip Scrub & Mask Duo - Caramel

Lip Scrub & Mask Duo - Caramel

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We've got those lips covered! One jar contains Lip Scrub Care and Lip Moisturizing Care, which helps to soften  lips, and add a rich nutrient moisturizing essence to the lips. This scrub is natural, safe, gentle and effective way to eliminate dry scaly lips. Use it twice a week to exfoliate. Applying a lip mask at night is ten times more effective than using a regular lip balm as the body's rest time maximizes product absorption.

Night Treatment  VS  Day Treatment

One application of the Lip Mask overnight can be up to ten times more effective in caring for your lips than using ordinary lip balms. Maximize your rest time for lip care, when all muscles are relaxed and movements are minimized, allowing for greatest product absorption.


How to use:

 1. Lightly scrub the lip mask on the lips before going to bed to remove dry/dead skin. Rinse with warm water. 

 2. Nourish lips with lip mask.


1. For people with sensitive skin, perform a patch test and make sure there is no discomfort before use.

 2. If you feel unwell, stop using the product and consult a dermatologist.

 3. If the product comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

 4. Not for use by children under 3 years of age. After opening, please seal it and use it up within 2 months.

 5. Please keep in a dry and cool place.


Product description packaging: 1 x lip balm - Caramel


Content: 20ML     In a jar: 1 moisturizing lip mask-1 scrub mask